Marketing, Sales, Engineering, and IT

Information Technology, Ecommerce, Finance, Business

Jack of all trades. I have an interest in nearly every field in business. My bachelors of science is in Mechanical Engineering and I later completed an MBA in management.

Right out of college, I worked for a manufacturing company performing design engineering projects, then transitioned to operations as a production supervisor. Once I formed a good working knowledge of operations and supply chain, I joined the SAP implementation team. A couple years later, I decided to join my brother in an Oracle NetSuite consulting firm. As a startup, we needed to quickly scale our sales and marketing with regards to SEO, email marketing, web scraping, presentations, CRM, and other essential work.

After all of these different experiences, I found that it was important to have plenty of resources to get information about business which is why I created Business Engagements. It’s a simple resource of many guest authors as subject matter experts to help keep you engaged on learning more for you business.

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